Gallery Anastas | About us
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About us

Gallery “Anastas” is located in the heart of the Old Town, Plovdiv, and was founded based on the idea of ​​the artist Anastas Konstantinov. It was built in three stages for nearly 18 years. 

The first part was completed and opened in 1994, occupying two levels below the art studio of the artist in the south building.

The second phase lasted two years, two months and two days, and is related to the construction of two buildings on the place of the 150 year old buildings before them. The opening of the new part of the gallery “Anastas” took place on 28 May 1999, coinciding with the opening of the European Cultural Month in Plovdiv, which is a supporting cultural capital of Weimar – Germany.

The third stage was completed in 2011 and forms the overall outlook of the gallery.

The area of ​​400 square meters covered with handmade mosaics, many paintings and sculptures is arranged on the three floors of the gallery along with the sculpture compositions in the yard – work of Anastas, set up a unique art space.

The inscription on the pedestal of a large marble sculpture at the entrance with the typical added Anastas symbol – fish with outstretched arms – reads: “I’ve created and sanctified and opened gallery Anastas the glory of God and the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ.”.

During the 17 years gallery “Anastas” built it’s public image it has attracted art collectors from around the world, becoming an elitist place and international cultural center.

With the efforts made for its construction, with the love and support of our friends and collectors of the Anastas art, along with the hope and faith in our future projects, this gallery is a symbol of an intellectual feat – a particle that is a contribution to the world cultural heritage.

Part of the complex “Anastasov houses” in 2005 was declared a cultural monument of ensemble importance and the decorated ceiling in the studio is an artistic monument.

The gallery space is occupied and presents more than 120 works of Anastas Konstantinov – paintings, sculptures, watercolors and drawings.



                                                                           Emilia Konstantinova, Ph.D