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Anastas Konstantinov was born in Peshtera on March 29, 1956. He lives and creates his own works in Bulgaria and USA.


Selected Exhibition History


1983 – Plovdiv, Bulgaria – Exhibition area on “Antim I” str. – the artist’s debut exhibition

1984 – Brussels, Belgium – Pulhary Gallery

Vienna, Austria – Exhibition Realkunst – organized by Hans Mayer Gallery

Plovdiv, Bulgaria – National Autumn Exhibitions – Old Town of Plovdiv

Vienna, Austria – Exhibition of Young Bulgarian Artists

1985 – Gnesno, Poland – Art Fair

1986 – Poznan, Poland – Art Fair “Interart”

La Valetta, Malta – Archaelogical Museum

Plovdiv, Bulgaria – Starinna Gallery – Conceptual exhibition of Gates of Light. The exhibition is closed communist party.

Sofia, Bulgaria – Series: Red Pigs – Gallery of the Union of Bulgarian Artists

Arnhem, The Netherlands – National Sports Center Papendal – presented by International Publishing House “Martinus Nijhoff”.

1984-90 International Publishing House “Martinus Nijhoff” buys about 150 paintings from the artist which are exhibition in The Netherlands and elsewhere.

1987 – Thessalonica, Greece – Representative exhibition of the Union of Bulgarian Artists Plovdiv

Paris, France – Exhibition of Young Bulgarian Artists

1988 – Breslau, Poland – 4th International Triennale of Graphics

Torun, Poland – 1sh Biennale of small paintings – special award

New York, Pittsburg, Dallas, USA – Exhibition “International Images”

Athens, Greece – State Art Gallery – a selection of the best paintings from Young Bulgarian Artists

Madrid, Spain – a selection of Bulgarian art, presented by Francisco Nacerada

Budapest, Hungary – Bulgarian Cultural Center

Helsinki, Finland – Bronda Gallery

Plovdiv, Bulgaria – Starinna Gallery – Series 33: Fish

1989 – Hamburg, Germany – Hotel Intercontinental – Exhibition under the auspices of Maria Luisa Warburg

Geneva, Switzerland – Museum De L’Athene

Germany – Nikolay &Sun Commercial Art Agency buys 20 works from the artist and organizes a number of exhibitions and auctions in Germany and countries where they are exhibited.

1983-90 – Paintings and graphics of the artist are shown at all national exhibitions in Bulgaria

1990 – Brussels, Belgium – Gallery X+

Toronto, Canada – Del Bello Gallery International Competition of Small Paintings

Paris, France – Bernard Felly Gallery

Hanover, Germany – auction

Sofia, Bulgaria – Hamus Gallery

1991 – Luxemburg – Gallery 88

Sofia, Bulgaria – Artemis Gallery

Hamburg, Germany – Catholic Academy under the auspices of Maria Luisa Warburg

1992 – Geneva, Switzerland, – International Art Fair Europe Art

St. Julian’s Malta – Gallery 100

Plovdiv, Bulgaria – Vollar Gallery

Sofia, Bulgaria – Gallery Art-36

1994 – Plovdiv, Bulgaria – Starinna Gallery – Series: Pearls from the Sky

Sofia, Bulgaria – Apollo & Mercury Gallery – Series: Sacredness of Love

1995 – Haskovo, Bulgaria – Art Forma Gallery

Dimitrovgrad – Compact Art Gallery

1996 – San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy – Palazzina Azzurra

Plovdiv, Bulgaria – Exhibition of the painting Eucharistia and other works

1997 – Haskovo, Bulgaria – Credo Gallery

1998 – Sofia, Bulgaria – Vitosha Gallery

1999 – Plovdiv, Bulgaria – Anastas Gallery – on the May 28 th the artist’s private gallery opens with an exhibition of his own works

2000 – Berlin, Germany – Bulgarian Cultural Center

2001 – Sofia, Bulgaria – Vitosha Gallery works exhibited on three floors Series: I am the Way

2002 – Plovdiv, Bulgaria – L’Union Gallery – Series: The Thracians’ Song, drawings

2003 – Plovdiv, Bulgaria – Anastas Gallery – Series: Sun’s Resurrection

2004 – Plovdiv, Bulgaria – Anastas Gallery – Series: Aegean Visions, paintings and sculpture

2005 – Realization and assembling of the sculpture composition In the Embrace of the Ultramarine

2006 – Realization of the sculpture composition Astral Thracian King

2007 – Plovdiv, Bulgaria – L’Union Gallery – Series: The Shamans

2009 – Sofia, Bulgaria – Bulgari Gallery , paintings and sculpture

2011 – Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Anastas Gallery extends its area with a new exhibition hall giving exposure to a one-man show of Anastas’ latest works

2012 – Pittsburgh (PA), USA – Ice House, one-man show of Anastas’ paintings the part of Anastas Project USA

2013 – Paris, France – Galerie Schwab Beaubourg – Carte blanche á Christian Noorbergen

Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Anastas Gallery – Anastas’ new paintings, 2013

Miami (FL), USA – Select Fair – Starry Night Exposure Program made exhibition of Anastas’s works

2014 – Pittsburgh (PA), USA – Private party exhibited – Watercolor Exhibition’ 2014

NYC, USA – Select Fair NYC 2014 (Altman building) – Starry Night Exposure Gallery

Plovdiv, Bulgaria – City Gallery Plovdiv, Retrospective exhibition of Anastas’s work


Museums, private exhibitions


Some of works are owned by:


State Art Gallery, Sofia

City Art Gallery, Sofia

City Art Galeries in Plovdiv, Dobrich, Pleven, Veliko Turnovo and others

Shareholders of the Museum of Modern Art, New York

Private collections in Germany, USA, The Netherlands, UK, Finland, Switzerland, Poland, Spain, Italy,

Greece, Japan, Malta, France, Luxemburg, Turkey, Belgium, UAE, Russia and others.